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AMBER WATER PROS is one of the most experienced water well drilling contractors in Upstate New York region including Northeastern Pennsylvania. We use the most modern water well drilling equipment in the industry to assure your job is done efficiently, quickly and with the best results possible. Whatever the water well or project conditions, we have the equipment, and professional team to get the job done right.


water well drilling

AMBER WATER PROS offers free on-site consultations and estimates for your well drilling project. During this visit to your project location, your individual needs will be discussed, including but not limited to:

  • Placement of well to maximize efficiency and cost of the well.
  • Site Geology and estimated depths of wells in the area.
  • Access requirements for our equipment.
  • Insure all legal set backs are met and utilities are identified.
  • Property boundaries & known easements.
  • Source of contaminates such as septic system leach fields and sewer lines.
  • Current and future water usage requirements including a preliminary system design.
  • Estimated well drilling and water system costs.

Once you decide to contract us to complete your project, we will execute our standard Well Drilling Contract that details all rates and terms of our work. A new well and water system are considered a Capital Improvement to your property and are therefore NYS TAX EXEMPT. With this, we will also execute a Certificate of Capital Improvement for the project. Our representative will set a stake at a mutually agreeable location where the well will be drilled. Once contracted, the project will be placed on our schedule and a NYS DEC Water Well Permit will be obtained by our office.

**Cortland County & Schuyler County Only: Cortland County and Schuyler County are the only counties in Upstate New York to require a Well Permit at the county level. A Cortland County Water Well Permit is obtained from the Cortland County Department of Health, Environmental Health Division and can be obtained by the property owner or by us. Schuyler County requires a permit from the Schuyler County Watershed Protection Agency and is obtained by the property owner.

When the Well Drilling Crew arrives at your project, they are a very efficient operation and on average will complete your well in one day. Once the well drilling has been completed, the well will be capped with a New York State required sealed, vented and vermin proof water well seal and the well is then chlorinated.

The safety of your water is extremely important and the more you know about what is in your water ensures your safety! That is why as of 8/15/2021, we include WELLCHECK™ 30 Point Water Testing with every new residential Water Well that we drill. We’re the ONLY company that provides this for our customers!

well check water testing

Once your well has been drilled, constructed and a supply of water has been obtained, our Water Pros will design and install a quality water pump system that matches the well with the volume and pressure requirements of your project.

Our Water Systems typically include a stainless steel submersible well pump, a water pressure tank and pressure controls to control the flow of your well water. We are the ONLY company to utilize 304 stainless steel fittings in our systems to ensure safety and reliability; including the pitless adapter and tank tee assembly. Proper design of your well pumping system is critical to maintaining a consistent flow and pressure of water as well as having a system that will last a long time. We are one of the most experienced groundwater water contractors in New York and can provide well drilling and water system design and installation for all types of wells and applications. Trust our Water Pros to get your well water from the well to your drinking glass.

New York State Water Well Law!

Effective January 1, 2000, anyone obtaining water for economic use or performs services on a well or pump system for profit is considered a Well Driller and is required to register with the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC). Anyone who works on a well or well pump, whether for new installations or repair, is considered a Well Driller and must be registered, certified and licensed for such work. Amber Well Drilling is a fully registered, certified and licensed water well and pump installation contractor; NYRD License No. 10967. In fact, our personnel were nationally certified, as required by NYS Law, 15 years prior to New York enacting the Law. Furthermore, a Well Driller must apply for a Well Permit prior to drilling a well and submit a Water Well Completion Report to the NYS DEC and the property owner upon completion of a water well.

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Wells & Well Drilling Services

Air Hammer Drilling

Best for finding you water!

All of our equipment is designed to drill a well in one day and is proven to work! Air Hammer Drilling is based on a high pressure air powered down-the-hole (DHD) hammer drill that pounds and fractures at 350 PSI while drilling. It is more efficient, less time consuming and provides better results than conventional cable tool drilling. The high pressure drilling method can develop wells in less time.

air hammer drilling
dual rotary drilling

Dual Rotary Drilling

We handle the tough jobs!

We are the ONLY full service Well Drilling Contractor in area to have multiple state of the art Dual Rotary Drilling Rigs, we can drill in and under any drilling condition and succeed where others have, and do fail. By having the ability to advance both traditional drill tooling as a top drive drill and concurrently spin and advance an outer casing, our dual rotary drill drills has become the leader in solving the most difficult drilling problems. From glacial deposits and boulders to cavernous limestone, heaving sand / gravel and setting well screens, our heavy duty, dual rotary drill is capable of penetrating almost any formation to depths in excess of 1,000 feet up to 24 inches in diameter with either down-the-hole (DHD) hammer or mud rotary drilling techniques.

dual rotary schematic


Increase your Well flow!

Hydraulic Fracturing or Hydrofracturing (or hydrofracking) is a process that may be used to increase the flow of water into a well-bore. It is usually applied to low yielding wells. Our experience has shown that this process is 96% successful in obtaining additional water. The process can take place at the time a new well is constructed right off the drilling rig or it can be used at any time on an existing well with low or declining yield. It is only suitable for wells receiving their water from water moving through fractures and fissures in bedrock. The technique involves forcing fresh water under hydraulic pressure (1500-3500 PSI) via the drilled well into the underlying bedrock formations. Hydrofracturing may widen fractures in the bedrock or extend them further into the formation, and so increase the network of water bearing fractures/ fissures supplying water to the well. Hydrofracturing was originally developed to increase oil and gas well production dating back to the early 1920’s and has now been modified to be environmentally friendly and adopted as a technique by the water well industry. Hydrofracturing of water wells has been used in the USA since about the late 1980’s on a wide spread basis. The primary application in the groundwater industry has been in 6 inch bedrock water wells with depths of 250 to 600+ feet. These wells are primarily for domestic use with some applications in 8″ & 10″ wells for commercial, industrial and municipal uses.


Fracture Trace & Lineament Analysis

Finding water in tough areas!

Fracture trace, or lineament analysis, is a powerful ground-water exploration tool used by our in-house Accredited Fracture Trace Expert to site well drilling locations in difficult areas to find water or for high capacity wells. Fracture trace analysis is a photogeologic method. It is based on the fact that the crust of the earth is very highly fractured and faulted. The fractures and faults are activated daily as the crust of the earth rises and falls in response to tidal effects. The slight movements along the fractures and faults propagate to the land surface where they disturb the surface soils. These soils are commonly more porous. The linear zones of more porous soil contain more moisture and hence more vegetation. Fracture-trace analysis depends on locating lineaments on aerial photographs and then locating them on the ground. In some cases, they represent major fault traces. They may be evident on high resolution satellite imagery and through geomorphic expression on topographic maps.

Fracture trace analysis involves several steps, each of them designed to add to the previous one, and culminate in a map of potential drilling locations in a fractured bedrock regime. Specifically, discernible linear features are mapped, along with indications of recharge areas, and surface expressions of geologic interest relative to groundwater movement and quality. Unlike many methods, fracture trace analysis relies upon several well-proven geologic and hydrogeologic practices in use for over 100 years to create this map, and reduce the risks of drilling a less than adequate water well.

fracture trace

Well Abandonment & Decommissioning

Seal-Up That Old Well!

We are specialists in all types of Well Abandonment and Decommissioning. Our extensive experience encompasses all types of wells, boreholes, diameters and depths and ranges from public and private water wells, including flowing wells, monitoring / recovery wells, mining wells / boreholes including solution mining and oil & natural gas wells.

Proper well abandonment accomplishes the following:

  1. Eliminates the physical hazard of the well (the hole in the ground)
  2. Eliminates a pathway for migration of contamination
  3. Prevents hydrologic changes in the aquifer system, such as the changes in hydraulic head and the mixing of water between aquifers.

The proper decommissioning method will depend on both the reason for abandonment and the condition and construction details of the boring or well.

Per NYS DEC Regulations to prevent groundwater contamination and hazardous ground conditions, all water wells must be either properly maintained by the well owner or properly decommissioned by a NYS Licensed Water Well Contractor. The well decommissioning is to be documented and submitted to the NYS DEC on a formal Water Well Abandonment and Decommissioning Report.

Well & Borehole Video Services

We Can See What’s Down There!

We offer full service downhole video camera well inspections and evaluations. We are the only company in New York with State of the Art 170 degree full 1080p High Definition video capability to depths of up to 1000 feet. With our well survey and mapping equipment, we can effectively send the camera down the well to determine what may be causing a problem with your well or water. If you are experiencing dirty water, low water production from the well, well or screen fowling, changes in water quality, bacterial growth in the well or other common well issues, we can pinpoint the problem and come up with a definitive plan to deal with the issue. We also have downhole cameras with Nano (3/4″ size), Dual Scan and Pan / Tilt side view technology.

Landscaping Well Covers

Hide Your Well!

We offer a large variety of Artificial Rocks to cover your well. With the large investments homeowners make in landscaping, precise attention to detail is always part of the job. But what about that well head that sticks up right in the middle of the flower garden? With a lightweight, extremely durable and incredibly realistic rock enclosure, an exposed well will blend right in with your existing landscaping. They quickly turn an obvious eyesore into a beautiful finished appearance.

WELL DRILLING 101 – Educate yourself

If you are interested in knowing more about the well drilling and pump system installation process, we recommend watching the following YouTube video from Off Grid Build. This water well was drilled in the Catskill Mountain Region of New York. Not everything in this video is 100% of what we would recommend to our customers but this video does provide very good overall step by step information on the process from the point of view of the homeowner.

We DRILLED A WELL & You’ll Never Believe What Happened

This video of a new well being drilled in rural Idaho via the Dual Rotary Drilling method by a couple that documented their experience. It’s a little long, somewhat humorous but very informative. Not everything is 100% of what we do in New York State or would recommend to our customers but this video does provide very good overall step by step information on the process from the point of view of the homeowner.

WATER WELL BASICS – from ground to glass

This video is from the American Groundwater Trust. It is rather dated but overall very informative. Not everything in this video is 100% of what we do in New York State or would recommend to our customers but this video does provide very good overall step by step information on groundwater, water wells, and water systems.