"Salty Tasting" Water

If you have ever drank a glass of water that had a salty aftertaste it could be due to a presence of chloride ions and/or sulfates in your water supply.

In many areas of Upstate New York, salt and salt water is naturally occurring at both shallow and deep depths and in many cases can be 10 times saltier than sea water.

In shallow wells, the common causes of high chloride levels in your water may be due to industrial waste or from road drainage.

Local drilled wells can encounter salt or sulfates. Sulfates such as magnesium sulfate and sodium sulfate may cause water to taste of saline. These sulfates may occur naturally in some types of soil and rocks. As groundwater or rainwater moves through the earth, naturally occurring sulfates may make their way into the local water supply. This is especially the case during winter when melting snow and rain may carry road salt runoff into reservoirs. Sulfate may also appear in your water supply as the result of industrial waste, shale, or the breakdown of sulfide ores.

A water analysis will determine your water chemistry, then we can find the best solution for you. With most water issues, we have a solution.

“Salty Tasting” Water

What’s In My Water?