Dirty Water / Colloidal Clay

Filtering colloidal clay from your water can be a difficult feat to achieve. The extremely fine particles can lead to cloudy well water and cannot be removed with standard filters. Typical sediment filters of 30 microns will probably not be adequate. Colloidal clay usually must be coagulated before filtering, which aggregates the clay particles so they can then be strained through a standard filter. Another option is the use of ultrafiltration or nanofiltration, which requires filters smaller than one micron. A combination of these two options may be necessary.

Has your water progressively gotten dirtier over time, can you tie your water issue to a weather event like heavy rain or snow melt? In many cases these issues are not naturally occurring and can be a sign of an underling issue with the well verses a problem with the water itself. Treat the cause of the problem and not the symptom. Our Water Pros are not only trained in problem water but are also Well Pros. Rely on our substantial expertise to effectively resolve your water issues!

Dirty Water? Colloidal Clay

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